Crupi Quad Hubsets



Crupi Quad Hubsets

Quicker and faster engagement is what race hubs are all about these days. There are a few instant engagement models on the market today that work great; but they are expensive!  With Crupi's all new Quad hub, we have an alternative which is very similar to instant engagement - but without the higher cost!

Our Rhythm Section hubs featured 120 ratchet teeth, engaged every 10 degrees and had 3 pawls.  The new Quad Hubs now feature 150 ratchet teeth, engage every 2.4 degrees and have 4 pawls so what you get it s much faster engaging hub!  Our 28H hub features the same new driver system but still has 3 pawls. 

We still provide 4 cog spacers which allow you to position the cog where it provides the best possible chain alignment.  Hubset comes with a 16t cog but is designed to work with any Shimano compatible cog and any Shimano type tool will remove the cog.


  • 6061 T-6 CNC Machined aluminum hub shells
  • Fixed independent leaf spring/pawl system acting simultaneously when engaged
  • Less resistance and less wear = a smoother rotating hub
  • Pro36 hubs now feature 6mm Allen Screws
  • Standard 10mm axles but with a 20mil front option coming soon

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