Answer BMX AccelerateR Pro Crank

Answer BMX


Answer BMX AccelerateR Pro Crank

The Answer AccelerateR race cranks feature CNC machined aluminum crank arms with steel pedal inserts, laser-etched logos and a 4 bolt 104mm spider gear that’s bolted to the drive side arm and then pressed onto a 24mm heat-treated chromoly spindle for maximum strength and rigidity. Includes a 24mm external Euro BB with oversized sealed bearings for long lasting performance.

Pinch Bolts: 6x1mm (x2)
Spindle: 24mm Hollow Chromoly
Spindle Bolts: 18x1mm (x1)Cranks
Spindle Splines: 10
Chainring Bolts: Not Included

165mm Black: 1Lb 8 oz
165mm White: 1Lb 8.2 oz
170mm Black: 1Lb 8.2 oz
170mm White: 1Lb 8.4 oz
172.5mm Black: 1Lb 8.4 oz
172.5mm White: 1Lb 8.6 oz
175mm Black: 1Lb 8.6 oz
175mm White: 1Lb 8.8 oz
177.5mm Black: 1Lb 8.8 oz
177.5mm White: 1Lb 9 oz
180mm Black: 1Lb 9 oz
180mm White: 1Lb 9.2 oz
182.5mm Black: 1Lb 10 oz
182.5mm White: 1Lb 10.2 oz
185mm Black: 1Lb 10.2 oz
185mm White: 1Lb 10.4 oz

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